Well. Here we are.

Unfortunately, this blog is starting on a sad day for cycling in Ohio. This weekend was Pelotonia, one of the largest cycling events in Ohio; it’s a charity ride to raise funds for cancer research. This year about 4,000 cyclists rode, and one of them, Michelle Kazlausky, did not return. She was hit by a pick-up truck during the ride, and died at the hospital. The truck has been impounded; they suspect brake failure, but it has yet to be thoroughly examined.

This is a tragic and very scary event. The more that I ride – and the more that I commute to and from school by bike – the more aware I am of the alarming frequency of this type of accident.

Please, cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and everyone in between, be careful.

This winter, I’m hoping to commute to school one or two times a week, barring blizzards/lots of snow. This will mean riding in the road more and on the bike path less. Personally, I’ll be purchasing one of these:

Nope. I don’t even care how dorky it is. (And by “dorky,” I actually mean “badass.”) Plus, it’s waterproof, reflective, has a padded laptop section, AND a separate section to put a change of clothes in. Yes, please!


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