Oh, gnats!

I don’t know why, but the bike path was FULL of gnats today. My jersey/shorts weren’t too far of from this when I got home:


So, I killed a bunch of gnats. I pulled a number of squished gnats out of my eyes. I ate a number of them too.

That’s not vegan. Nor Quaker.


3 responses to “Oh, gnats!

  1. I think the vegans and Quakers will excuse you. Same for swatting mosquitoes into oblivion.

    (Not swatting flies is very ‘St. Therese the Little Flower’.)

  2. Oh ew 😐 I knew there was a reason I don’t bike! I mean uh, besides the fact that I’m disabled now and that I’ve never learned how :p

    I’m sure the vegans and quakers’ll forgive you 😉

  3. uh. gross Say, just gross.

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