‘Tis the season . . . for spandex.

I give up. I fought long and hard to not resort to spandex. Or, at least, I was wearing spandex shorts underneath athletic shorts. Because, you know what they say . . . “Nobody looks good in bike shorts.”

But the thing is . . . spandex is just more comfortable when it comes to bike riding. It stays in place, it moves with you, and if everyone’s wearing it, well, at least you’re on a level playing field, right??

So, it’s now that time of year where the weather is in between. It’s hard to dress properly for a bike ride without being too hot or too cold at some point on your ride. Most likely, you’ll be too warm at some point, and a bit too chilly at another point. So, I decided that I needed to get some more versatile spandex for this time in my life. Thanks to getting myself a membership in the Performance Bicycles Buyer’s Club when I purchased my bike, I was able to get some arm warmers and cycling gloves without spending any money. Yay!

So, here’s the combo I had going on yesterday and today, and it worked out wonderfully:


Spandex capris, short-sleeved jersey, and arm warmers that came off at the halfway point of my ride after I had generated some body heat. Well done, self.

Also, here are the sweetass cycling gloves I got:


In other news, it’s official. My road bike’s name is Sweet Thunder, after that originally Huffy. I know. Sheer brilliance. You don’t have to tell me. 🙂


2 responses to “‘Tis the season . . . for spandex.

  1. nice duds, you look very cute!

  2. Looks very neat – love the gloves! 🙂

    Spandex makes me happy that the sports I’ve done have all been in clothes I can feel comfortable in :p Riding had thick pants, high boots, warm sweaters and the different dances I’ve been part of all have had at least some level of comfort to me in regards to the clothes! You look way cute though – it’s just the thought of spandex itself that gets me lol :p

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