Not all is quiet on the biking front – except for the deer.

First of all, it’s been warm enough the past couple of days to take some really nice rides outside. SO nice. I rode my hybrid to school yesterday, and then took a long route home to enjoy the weather. I took my road bike out on the bike path today as well.


As is often the case, I saw some beautiful deer on my ride today – and this time, I had my camera!

Do you see it?? Hmmm??

Mostly I’ve been working out inside recently – Dance Dance Revolution at home. (Yes, I got it for Wii.) Or the fitness center at school, where I generally use a stationary bike and/or an elliptical runner. Riding the stationary bike obviously is not the same as riding a real bike outside, but when I get my groove (and my music) on, I have a good time. And I want to stay in shape over the winter that I can get back to cycling regularly when it gets warmer. However, let me just say . . . after a few weeks of this, and then getting back on my real bikes yesterday and today, I have one thing to say – Holy quads, batman!! Clearly, the stationary bike is only going to do so much. It’ll keep me in shape, but it just doesn’t work out the muscles that riding a real bike does. Clearly, the effort having to actually balance, dealing with really hills instead of just a change in resistance, and dealing with traffic and road conditions makes quite a difference!

Other than trying to work up the nerve to do the occasional winter ride (they’re going to plow the bike path this year!), I’ve been trying to find ways to keep myself active as a cyclist in the winter.

This past week, the organization that I volunteered for this summer, Consider Biking, had a volunteer meeting, so I’m excited to continue my work with them. Amongst jokes about spandex and talk of the overarching goal of getting “more bikes on butts” in Columbus, we were introduced to a lot of cool volunteer opportunities, such as helping monitor the bike paths, working on the 2 by 2012 campaign, and helping plan and staff the Ride of Silence in the spring and the Columbus Bike Festival in the summer. That should keep me involved for sure! They also handed out buttons for 2 by 2012, and I happily wore mine upon commuting to/from school yesterday. I’m okay with peer pressuring people through buttons.

I’m also trying to work up the courage to go to a free class on basic bike maintenance at one of the local bike shops. I’m easily intimidated (and, quite frankly, very bored) by mechanical anything, but really, I should know how to fix a bike flat, dammit! Am I right, or am I right?

P.S. – I’m in dire need of some padded, winter-ready spandex. It’s not even a joke anymore. Must invest.


One response to “Not all is quiet on the biking front – except for the deer.

  1. Say,
    I think you are both wonderfully funny and flipping brilliant. Your letters from the bike path are especially joyful. Keep writing and riding. It’s good for all of us.

    Kind regards,

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